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Coach the coach

Expand your coaching toolbox with provocative techniques

NEW! Unique in Flanders!


Fundamentals (4 days)

First, you get an introduction in the framework and way of working in provocative coaching. 

Very soon, you will practice essential but powerful communication skils and coaching techniques needed to coach in a provocative way. You will receive feedback on your newly acquired skills and also on your own coaching style. Even if you don't want to become a professional coach, you can participate to develop yourself as a human being in relationship to others.

Master (4 days)

The master curriculum builds on what you learned during the Fundamentals. You will learn to master various techniques of provocative coaching up to a level where the technique is subordinate to the unique style of the coach. After all, provocative coaching is not a straitjacket! This deeper, more immersive level of training fosters expansive development, at both a personal and professional level.

Expert (4 days) 

In the expert level we challenge you to act professionally as a coach by bringing authenticity, guts, spontaneity, creativity and intuition into your work. We also map out the effectiveness and impact of your personal interventions as a coach.

Tim Vanmarcke


Tim Vanmarcke is provocative coach and founder of Time to Switch.

With warmth, humour and challenge he coaches your team towards more self-organisation, connection and personal development.

In addition, he provides training and education in provocative coaching to spread it further.


Fundamentals (4 days)

Whether you want to use provocative coaching skills in your current job or for your career as a professional provocative coach, this Fundamentals training is really something for you!

Thanks to this hands-on training you will learn powerful provocative skills, tools and techniques.

For all those who are open and curious and want to jump into the provocative bath with limited theory and frameworks, but with many learning opportunities and feedback possibilities on the provocative skillset that have just been learned.

At the end of the Fundamentals:

  • you know the origin of provocative coaching
  • you have a clear view of the goals of provocative coaching
  • you develop the basic attitude of a provocative coach
  • you work within the framework of provocative coaching
  • you possess the basic skills of a provocative coach
  • you will discover your own vision on provocative coaching
  • ...


"What a great introduction! Especially the interactive and the immediate  practice astonished me. You radiate enthusiasm and are very good at communicating the provocative coaching method."

Lieve Devlies - Career Coach Coachee

"The training shows in a light-hearted way that coaching with a smile works well to get people to move even more. Highly recommended for 'open minded' people who want to discover this style of coaching!""

Fabienne Van Den Hautte - Teamcoach

"During this fascinating module I got the confirmation that coaching can be done differently! Equally, your laughing muscles are trained!"

Sylvie Gunst - Career Coach
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