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From group to team

Challenge your team to better cooperation and  more self-organisation through direct feedback & provocative interventions!

Opting for self-organising teams in your organisation means that you call on completely different skills of employees and managers than within a traditional hierarchical organisation.

Sometimes the implementation of self-organising teams does not work out the way you would like it to.
The theory is simple, but in practice you encounter resistance within the team. 

If the company culture or the professionals are not ready, you will hear the following:

  • We don't feel safe to talk freely, let alone give feedback to each other
  • We're not used to working together, it takes way too much time, I do my tasks faster on my own
  • What if others don't do their job, then the entire project goes wrong?
  • I am unable to work with younger/older co-workers, with other characters, with someone from another department,...
  • If we divide roles, one will do more than the other and I'll get extra work on my back
  • What if there's no longer a manager, who should we listen to?
  • What happens to my bonus if there are no more individual targets?
  • ...

Tim Vanmarcke


Tim Vanmarcke is provocative coach and founder of Time to Switch.

With warmth, humour and challenge he coaches your team towards more self-organisation, connection and personal development.

In addition, he provides training and education in provocative coaching to spread it further.

Nasci is a service centre that extends a helping hand to pregnant women, single mothers and families who have temporary or structural difficulties in meeting the daily needs of their children. Tim has educated, trained and coached our employees to make the switch from providing pure support and care to challenging the target group to act more self-directed, autonomous and responsible despite their difficult living conditions

Nicky Budts, President Nasci vzw - service centre for the underprivileged child

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