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From manager to coach

Stop managing & start coaching on self-organisation, connection and personal development!

Opting for self-organising teams in your organisation means that you call on completely different skills of employees and managers than within a traditional hierarchical organisation. 

Coaching a team for more responsibility and self-organisation requires completely different skills than managing a team.

Are you a manager/leader or coach who wants to address his/her team more on responsibility and self-organisation than to manage or advise them? Then this training is really something for you!

What will you learn in this training:

Wat ga je leren in deze training:

  • You learn to push your own boundaries and to leave the comfort zone as a manager, person and coach
  • You learn to know your natural leadership, management or coaching style by doing so (not in theory)
  • You learn to use the elements warmth, humour and challenge consciously in your communication
  • You learn to understand, experience and use the team's perspective to bring about change
  • You learn to carry out various provocative interventions for and with the team
  • You learn to recognise different team cultures and dynamics and to break through these patterns where necessary
  • You gain insight into how a team crisis can lead to a radical change towards self-determination
  • You learn to maintain and expand self-organisation within teams by applying various provocative techniques and interventions
  • ...

Tim Vanmarcke


Tim Vanmarcke is provocative coach and founder of Time to Switch.

With warmth, humour and challenge he coaches your team towards more self-organisation, connection and personal development.

In addition, he provides training and education in provocative coaching to spread it further.

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