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Challenging communication at work

Immerse your team in the wonderful world of provocative coaching with a cocktail of warmth, humour and challenge to reach more self-organisation, connection and personal development in your organisation.

During this workshop:

You will learn how to use warmth, humour and challenge in communication with your colleagues

You will learn step by step and with a lot of fun how to coach each other.

You will experience the effect of challenging communication on both yourself and your colleagues

You will know very quickly which interventions are suitable or not so that you can continue to work authentically

You help each other forward by using common language and tools

You provide a solid foundation for challenging communication, an open feedback culture and more self-organisation

Tim Vanmarcke


Tim Vanmarcke is provocative coach and founder of Time to Switch.

With warmth, humour and challenge he coaches your team towards more self-organisation, connection and personal development.

In addition, he provides training and education inprovocative coaching to spread it further.

Tim got the critical audience on his hand in no time. With his direct style and accessible approach, the message about provocative coaching came across very well. The interaction with the audience brought clear added value on the work floor afterwards.

Filip De Sutter, CEO Queaso Systems nv


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