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Do you recognize this as a leader?

You try very hard to keep things running.

Every day you work hard to give your best for the organization.

You realize that you can't do that without good employees.

Still you don't always manage to retain your talents or bring in driven newcomers.

Or worse: your best people drop out, fall ill or the competition snatches them away from you.

The consequences are pernicious: the remaining employees are overloaded with work, a toxic corporate culture develops

or the competitors take over the market.

You can't bring in new business if you don't have the right people to make it happen.

It frustrates you because you want to grow, but you're left trailing on the spot

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Employees choose the nice name of a company, but leave because of their direct supervisor.

Employees would much rather choose the family atmosphere, the company culture and good leadership than the nice building, the ping-pong table, the salary or the great employer branding.

They would rather work for an inspiring leader with a clear vision who succeeds in creating a context where employees feel at home, are allowed to grow and develop and contribute to the organization with their full potential!

That way they don't think about leaving and they keep the headhunters themselves at bay...

Are you the next m/f/x to realize this?

tim vanmarcke
Tim Vanmarcke

Who is Tim Vanmarcke?

Tim Vanmarcke is a provocative coach and founder of Time to Switch. 

With warmth, humor and challenge, he coaches executives in people-oriented organizations to the highest level of trust and psychological safety in order to become a better people manager and show headhunters the door.

He also provides interactive and dynamic webinars, workshops, trainings and education for managers, executives and coaches to further spread provocative coaching in Europe.


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Curd Loosveldt

I met Tim at a networking event on empathetic leadership and I immediately felt an openness & willingness to listen that made me feel comfortable.

Surely this is something special!

I then had Tim coach me with the necessary insights

into myself (as a leader) as a result.

Tim is highly recommended. If you ask me: do it!

Curd Loosveldt, TAIL architecture & interior

What will you learn during this transformation journey?



Those who do not know themselves are only concerned with themselves.

Now that you are able to look in the mirror and make yourself vulnerable

you succeed in leading your employees better.



You are no longer guided by the operational delusion of the day, 

leaving you only to put out fires. 

You work on your business rather than in your business.



You stop with the "busy, busy, busy" habit.

Stress within the leader causes exhaustion and demotivation in the organization. 

You learn to act from inner peace and thus take the right actions.



You no longer have to know everything yourself or be the first at everything.

You provide opportunities for employees to develop themselves and grow toward their highest potential



You no longer feel bigger or better than others.
Leading with power is no longer necessary. 

You learn to fully empathize and to be there for your employees. 

You facilitate the growth and development of everyone in your organization.



You don't have to be afraid anymore. The illusion of control falls away. 

You learn to act from a state where you can look from your heart as neutrally as possible without judgment and with love.

You learn to open your heart to new possibilities and abundance.

Get inspired by the leaders of the Great Places To Work in Belgium

Fear divides us, love connects us

anouk lagae
Anouk Lagae -
CEO Accent Jobs
Great Place To Work

A culture grows stronger and stronger with each new person entering the company

Thomas Van Eeckhout
Thomas Van Eeckhout -
CEO Easi
Great Place To Work

The more trust you give, the more people are worthy of that trust. 

The more you control people, the more you have to control them afterwards

Jan Delaere
Jan Delaere -
CEO Delaware
Great Place To Work

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of a Great Place To Work?

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