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Emily Condé

Stephanie Calant

Like-minded, trustful & supportive

About Stephanie

Hey, you found me. 


It's just how you see it. 

You always get what you ask, so your soul brought you to me.


That's how I met Tim Vanmarcke, founder of Time To Switch, and that's how we matched our personal skills to mean something special to you. 

Time to switch, time to connect, time to me(et) in-team ... :)

The name Stephanie Calant may not mean anything to you right away, but besides living as a founder of Vzw Heartbeats, a passionate writer, as well as an administrative centipede, she turned out to be Tim Vanmarcke's personal assistant and partner. From her respectful supportive and organizational attitude and belief in Tim(e To Switch) she contributes to a balanced 'life' balance in which personal growth, support and connection are paramount. 

Her specialty is to remove doubts and provide reinforcement on both an administrative and a personal level. 

This manifests in two pillars: the pillar of the head/thinking and that of the soul/feeling. 

Tim is the crack on the field and provides you with those elements that are important to you from a humorous, direct and sometimes confronting approach. Because what touches you is where the shoe wriggles, where the smile can arise and the self-determination comes to the surface. Stephanie is the strong woman behind the scenes.

Are you ready to take on that switch with your organisation, your team, yourself?

Then I have the following message for you:

"Accept what is. Let go of what has been. Have faith in what can be. Follow your gut feeling, because that's where it's 'right'."

Stephanie Calant

My motto: "Follow your heart, because it's always right."

Stephanie is personal assistant, trustful advisor and back support at Time to Switch.

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