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Tim Vanmarcke

Tim Vanmarcke

Whatever happens, always laugh/learn!

About Tim

Are you someone who likes to discover everything first? 

Do you dare to question the status quo and go for it?

Do you like working with people and want to challenge them to give the best of themselves?

Tim challenges you to get out of your room. You will first have to swallow, become fire-red or even go on the defensive. 

Each reaction brings you closer to yourself. Every reaction brings you into action. You just don't see it (yet).


Life is happening to you while you're making other plans."

The world changes and you're behind the facts, or is it the case that the world changes because you make different choices yourself? Where has your resilience, agility and flexibility gone? 

Do you dare to communicate and give feedback? 

Do you dare to break through your rusted patterns?

From an early age, Tim has been bitten by learning and development. He was brought up to be an educator. 

He completed his physical education studies in 2001. After this training he taught for years in education and also took on the role of coach and trainer in football. 

The 'human being' kept intriguing Tim and continues to do so. He sees through the role-pattern and dares to literally lure you out of your room. Not only in the role you play, your job title, but as a man/woman, as a human being, a barrel of different skills, thoughts and feelings. If you open up, you will experience for yourself that what touches you is what challenges you to grow.  

Tim gives you as a provocative coach, but that too is just a job title, a direct, exaggerated, often very humorous approach to your attitude. He challenges you to show your authenticity. He touches you where it is needed in a way that lasts. Only in that exaggerated way can you really look at yourself.

In short, breaking patterns with a smile, the shortest distance with the greatest effect.


Studies and expertise

  • Master physical education KU Leuven (1997-2001)
  • Teacher trainer for primary school teachers at KATHO University of Applied Sciences (2002-2012)
  • Youth soccer trainer and coach (2002-2007)
  • Speaker TEDx Leuven 'How to invent happiness' (2013)
  • Independent coach of students, entrepreneurs, (top) athletes and (self-directed teams) (2013 - present)
  • Training provocative coaching individually and with teams IEP Nijmegen (2015-2017)
  • Lecturer vitality, coaching, entrepreneurship and healing environment wellbeing and vitality management university college VIVES (2015-2019)
  • Getting to the heart of the matter within 30 minutes coaching sessions
  • Breaking patterns with a smil with individuals, teams and organisations
  • Taking himself less and less seriously...

Tim Vanmarcke

Tim is the brain behind Time to Switch's mission, vision and organisation.

He provides provocative coaching trajectories for teams training to managers and coaches to learn to coach provocatively.

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